Hello, my programmer friends, welcome to another tutorial. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about a new topic. Which is Prop-type. You may hear about it or not. Hope this tutorial will help you to understand the topic easily.

At first, I would like to introduce you to what is prop-type…

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some random topics of javascript. I’ll try to make the discussion short and easy to understand. Let’s get started.

  1. The first topic is the data type. All programming languages have built-in data structures, but these often differ from one language to another. …

Hey, this my first tutorial in the medium. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce you to ten javascript methods that seem to me are useful, but we are not very much known with these methods. Let’s get started without lengthening the introduction.

  1. The first method is a string method. Which is…


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